Nothing says Autumn more than when the temperature drops and coats seem like a sensible option followed by that memorable evening when you first notice it's dark outside shortly after you get home from work. Visions of cosy nights in, pumpkin flavoured everything and fantastic knitwear rustle up a world excitement with thoughts slowly tip toeing toward Halloween, Bonfire Night and dare I say the C word, Christmas. A season punctuated by multiple exciting occasions, it can often feel like this time of years goes by in a blink of an eye and before you know it you are in some pub you swore you wouldn't end up in singing in the new year. 

While it's all too easy to feel like the time between the start of Autumn and the New Year can just slip between your fingers and run away from you, it is also a great time to reflect upon the goals you set out at the start of the year and take stock of what has been achieved and what you're still working on. From the date of publishing this post there are still 93 days until 2020, that's just over a quarter of a year left! I recently read a post that asked what would you be grateful for starting today, what would 2020 you be happy you spent an hour a day working on and having 93 hours worth of new experience in? Combined with the sentiment of the endless "What have you achieved this year?" tweets that seem to have circulated this week it made me both reflect back on my year so far and think forward to how I can make the most of the days left in 2019 to really get the most out of this year. 

Outfit: Cord Bake Boy Hat from ASOS, Cream Cable Knit Jumper from Beyond Retro, Crescent Moon Necklace from Muju Jewellery, Rings bought in New Zealand

For me 2019 has been a year like no other, I welcomed it in at Falls Festival in Byron Bay, Australia with one of my oldest friends while travelling and spent the first three months of it also travelling New Zealand and Bali. I arrived back in the UK in April with no real plan or idea what I was going to do next, I somehow found myself freelancing which is something I had always dreamed of, and put a lot of time and energy into my blog which is now really starting to pay off. Over the summer I visited Amsterdam, Berlin and Brighton, saw Fleetwood Mac and the Spice Girls live and then hit a real low point around July and August when I felt really quite low. Blighted by a knee injury and having far too much time on my hands I have now added in a part time retail job to my schedule and have found myself much happier again for a little more routine, and lets be honest, a little more financial stability. 

I've made some amazing memories so far during 2019, and as ever being the sentimental sap that I am have found myself with some memento's to remember them by in the form of some of my favourite jewellery. I have a little silver wrap around thumb ring in the shape of a dolphin I bought after swimming in the sea with them in New Zealand, a Ying Yang midi ring I've had for six years from the friend I welcome in the new year with in Australia, and several other pieces I picked up while on my travels which remind me of those beautiful places every time I look at them. 

Earrings: Gold Cartiledge Cuff from Claire's Accessories, Tragus Flatback Stud from Monsoon, Star Gold Vermail Hoops from Carrie Elizabeth (gifted)
I also wanted something to mark my time since arriving back in the UK to celebrate the magic of new beginnings and the excitement of the unknown. After years of pushing and pushing toward the next big thing, an endless rotation of goals which I thought would make me happy when I reached the next one, I have been looking around me at what is making me happy in the present, what I am grateful for now and putting my focus on that over what I tell myself will make me happy in the future. I'm thankful to have parents who were happy to put up with me moving back in for a few months while I figure out what to do next, I'm grateful that a knee injury which caused me agony walking just a few steps earlier this year has now healed enough to enable me to walk around a shop all day with minimal protest, I am ever so happy to be living near my friends again rather than five hours away, but maybe most importantly of all I am grateful for a frame of mind that has finally found a place where it can focus on what makes me happy, not what I am expected to be doing. 
To celebrate this refreshed mindset these Star Set Gold Vermail Diamond Hugging Hoops earrings from Carrie Elizabeth seemed like the perfect piece to wear as reminder than as long as I am happy, the steps I take in the future will be just as sparkly too. They also offer a gorgeous range of moonstone rings which I am seriously tempted by to add to my endless collection. 

As for what would 2020 me be grateful for 93 three hours of experience in and working hard at? My answer is continuing to practising gratitude, working hard on my blog again as it has been a little neglected (my last post was over a month ago) and putting myself out there to see if it's possible to acquire further freelance work. It's going to be a busy three months!