Lately I've been talking a lot about sustainability on my blog and social media channels, shining a spotlight on brands that do something good for the planet and it dawned on me that I hadn't shared with you what I will be doing and what sustainability means to me. Sustainability is one of those things that is open to interpretation and can be different for everyone, for me it is a case of making small changes and encouraging others to do the same as when everyone does something small it adds up to something that can change the world. 

I believe that acting more sustainably shouldn't be difficult or expensive and it doesn't have to take up a lot of time either, whether it's recycling things properly or making more ethical choices in the things you purchase there are so many quick and easy things you can do to make your small change. 

Outfit: Vintage Yellow Knitted Cardigan from Beyond Retro, White Floral Ditsy Dress from Nobody's Child (gifted)


When it comes to shopping for clothes I have firstly been looking more closely at my wardrobe to find ways something can be re-worn so it feels new again, and doing things like taking my old winter boots to be re-soled instead of purchasing new ones ahead of the upcoming colder weather. I haven't bought leather shoes or bags for a few years now as part of being vegetarian (more on this later) however have never found my choice limited by this as so many places offer good alternatives and will be writing a blog post on this soon. When I do want to shop I look for brands that do some good and are more sustainable and am sharing these under my Sustainability Spotlight feature on my blog and Instagram. Another really good option is to shop vintage as not only is vintage shopping and charity shop trawling one of my favourite things to do, the most sustainable option for clothing is buying second hand and there are so many gems to be found like this yellow knitted jumper I bought for £6 in the Beyond Retro sale, you can also pretty much always guarantee it will be a one of kind too! That's not to say that I won't ever buy new, or from regular high street stores again if there is something I need or can't find anywhere else.


When it comes to beauty I am making changes to the products that I use as and when the ones I currently have run out. I've been buying cruelty free since the beginning of 2018 and had so much fun discovering new brands to try out and am now doing the same thing again with shopping sustainably. Recently I swapped out face wipes for reusable organic cotton pads and a muslin cloth, found a shampoo and conditioner that comes in metal bottles and is chemical free, bought a wooden toothbrush instead of plastic and have posts on natural deodorant and sustainable shaving coming up with some more brands I have found. I don't think anyone needs to immediately run out and buy a whole new cosmetics cabinet in a bid to be more sustainable, but more discover options that work for them when they are ready and the products they used before have run out, after all I would be wasteful to throw a perfectly good product away. 

Food & Vegetarianism

I have been vegetarian for the majority of my adult life, and have had dabblings at trying out being vegan too. Unfortunately I have a life-threatening nut allergy which can make being vegetarian and eating out really difficult and has in the past resulted in me ending up in an ambulance on two occasions in the last few years, which I can imagine only being more tricky if I were to become a full time vegan because of the use of nuts in so much vegan and vegetarian food as a replacement for meat. This is another area where I believe small changes matter, I don't eat meat which is better environmentally, and I love trying out new vegan restaurants and snacks when possible, however can't currently commit to it full time, a sentiment meat eaters having meat-free Monday's or similar should also be praised for. A small change but a worthy one and if done on a large scale will have a huge positive change. 

As with everything in life being more sustainable is an individual journey that should be respected by others, what works for one person might not work for another and nobody should be vilified for trying to do some good or vice versa for not being able to do it in the same ways as somebody else. The important thing is to get the conversation started and to learn as you go, knowing that you don't have to be perfect all the time and finding what is right for you is part of the fun. 

For now these are the things I can and am committing to in a bid to be more sustainable however I know there is so much more I could do too. In the future I would like to go back to the commitment of eating vegan when cooking at home, helping the environment by going on locally organised litter pick ups or donating my time elsewhere and shopping at more at independent food shops to support locally grown and more sustainable foods than found in your usually supermarkets. 

In the meantime I'd love to hear what you think of sustainability and the things you do to help make a difference.