It dawned on me recently that my wardrobe is full of floral print dresses of all lengths, cuts and patterns. They are my safety net, always making me feel my best whether a ditsy floral print mini worn with a biker jacket for every day wear or a long floaty maxi for more special occasions, the floral print dress is my uniform. However as much as I love them there is a part of me that wanted to challenge myself to try something new, and what is the exact opposite of a pretty floral dress? To me the answer was a khaki boiler suit and so I went on the hunt for one that I thought would both flatter my figure and fit in within the rest of my wardrobe. Enter this little number I found in the Dorothy Perkins sale for the grand total of £12.00, bargain.

At first I was intimidated, I think I have only ever owned one other jumpsuit which is snake print so still very much within my comfort zone, but as they say if you keep doing the same thing over and over again you'll only ever get the same result. I had all but convinced myself that when it arrived I would look awful in my new purchase, however upon first trying it on I was pleasantly surprised. There have been far too many occasions in the past where I have tried on playsuits to be confronted with a reflection where my stomach, the part of my body I am most self conscious about, is outlined in all too crystal clear detail by the tightness of the item. 

Outfit: Khaki boiler suit from Dorothy Perkins, Rattan Bag bought in Bali, Floral headscarf from a vintage shop in Berlin, Weaved Flatforms from Superga

On this occasion though I think I have found a new favourite, and hope you'll agree that actually this boiler suit is a total winner! With most items of clothing I always look for something with a waistline as this helps to accentuate my waist and give my figure some shape, so the belting detail and addition of the pleats to this boiler suit really flatter my shape in a way I feel really comfortable with. Teamed with my faithful weaved flatforms and favourite every day bag with vintage floral headscarf (we all knew I was going to get some floral print in somewhere), I feel like while this outfit isn't something I would usually go for, is still very much my usual style and one I feel really confident wearing too.

I think I have learnt something else from this little style experiment too, while it is always daunting stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying something new it can also be exciting and result in something you never expected to happen. An outlook which can be applied to all aspects of life, even if something it doesn't work out you still win because you had the courage to try it in the first place. Whether a khaki print boiler suit or chasing a dream, having the courage to do something new and put yourself out there takes bravery and there always always lessons to be learnt along the way. 

At the moment for me I am trying something completely new with life, swapping from working full time in-house to being freelance which requires being able to put yourself out into the world and being resilient enough to take the inevitable knock backs on the chin. Sometimes it can be all too easy to be afraid to even try, but if you never try something you'll never know what can happen and end up standing still in life. While not every venture will be a success, my khaki boiler suit will stand as a testament to always being able to learn something new along the way, reminding me of that each and every time I wear it.