Life is in essence one long and continuous journey from being a baby to a child and then teenager, into adulthood and finally onto old age. It is fairly easy to define from the outside and broken down by the parameters of age, from the inside it is more a journey of finding out who you are and figuring it all out along the way. I have recently hit thirty years old which by most accounts is an age at which a lot of milestones are judged; whether you’re at a certain point in your career, if you are married and have a child, or if you’ve managed to buy a house and all those other stereotypical ideals. The milestone for which there doesn’t seem to be any sign posts for however is when you transition from being a girl into a woman.

It dawned on me recently that I refer to both myself and my female friends as 'girl', whether it's a "Hey girl, hows your weekend been?" on WhatsApp, or "Oh did you see that girls dress, love!" I hadn't seemed to have quite recognised yet that actually we are women. This then led me to question at what point in life do you go from referring to yourself and others as a girl to calling yourself and those around you a woman? Some might think it is when you hit a certain age, others when you have your first period, perhaps if/when you become a mother or are able to independently support yourself, for me I think it is more of a feeling than anything that can be ticked off a list of socialtal life achievements. 

Jewellery: Mini Crescent Moon Bead Chain Choker Necklace and Hope Star Necklace from Muru Jewellery (gifted)

It's a feeling of starting to recognise who you are, what you believe in and being comfortable with yourself both for all your achievements and your flaws, and allowing that to empower you in all aspects of life. A symbol of femininity is the crescent moon, representing the rhythm of time and cycles, it is a signal of female empowerment and one I love to wear in the form of my Muru Jewellery Mini Crescent Moon Choker Necklace. Each piece of Muru Jewellery has a symbolic meaning giving it sentiment and is designed to promote wellbeing and positivity in different aspects of life. Layered with the Hope Star Necklace, a talisman for inspiring us to be the shining light in darkness, I think they make for the perfect combination of female empowerment and hope for the future. 

The key thing to answering the question of when does a girl become a woman is knowing that the moment you start asking it of yourself is the the moment you have an answer and your journey has begun from one to the other. Womanhood is not something that can be defined with set ideals, the boundaries of age or a tick list of achievements, it is a transition that each of us make when the time is right for us and means something different to everyone who experiences it. 

For me it is not minimising those around me by calling them girls when they are in fact kick-ass women, it is being fiercely loyal to my friends and trying to be kind and show grace to those around me in every way I can. It is also having a never ending hope and belief for the future, by this I don't mean a fairytale ending or completing a list of material items to mark success, but a faith in femininity and the power of the woman I am becoming. I believe it is also the mark of a woman when she sees those around her not as competition but equals, knowing that someones else's light doesn't dim her own and takes part in lifting up those around her at any opportunity.