Sustainability, it seems to be the new buzzword at the moment especially when it comes to fashion, but what does it mean and which brands can you trust? In essence sustainability is the manufacturing or reuse of something to better maintain an ecological balance, in regards to fashion this is simply brands and clothes that use recycled fabrics, offset their carbon emissions or create better quality timeless pieces that you'll want to wear again and again. An anecdote to the damage that fast, throw away fashion has created, it is something I've become increasingly interested in over the past few months. When looking for sustainable brands it can be a struggle to find clothes that answer my want of something fun, fashionable and friendly for the environment, so I've decided to start a new feature on my blog called Sustainability Spotlight. I want to share with you not only the brands that do something good for the environment, but the ones who create kick-ass clothes while doing so. 

The first instalment of Sustainability Spotlight is in partnership with Nobody's Child, a brand I have featured before and absolutely adore not only for their stand out designs and shapes that flatter curvier figures, but for their work to help clothes avoid the landfill while still updating their collections reguarly to stay of the moment. 

Outfit: Black Star Georgie Midi Dress from Nobody's Child (gifted)

Creating designs in signature shapes like this Georgie Midi dress (which I also have in the cream ditsy floral) with dead stock fabric that was previously heading to the landfill, Nobody's Child are helping to reduce waste in the fashion industry via up-cycling to great effect. Anything that doesn't get used by Nobody's Child then gets donated to fashion colleges to help the next generation of designers hone their skillset. When it comes to the people who make their clothes, Nobody's Child believe 'team work makes the dream work' and strive for workers rights, fair wages and good working conditions in their factories, meaning you can shop with a totally clear conscience.

Free from overly fussy fastening and belts that usually use plastic means that Nobody's Child clothes are not only better for the environment but also more versatile so they can be worn again in multiple ways, becoming those much loved wardrobe staples you reach for time after time. The thing that I think makes them really stand apart though is their price point, all too often I have come across a sustainable brand to be faced with boring organic cotton t-shirt's that make me do a double take at the price. With Nobody's Child you'll find that everything is under £35, making it super affordable and accessible for all. 

To me, Nobody's Child are the perfect brand to kick off this new blog feature with and I hope you'll agree this dress is just perfection with it's multicoloured star print in a flattering midi dress shape. If sustainability is something you want to know more about, then click up to the 'Topics' section on my blog menu where I will be adding more brands under the 'Sustainability' tag throughout the next few weeks and months. I'll also be talking about sustainability from another angle on my Instagram, sharing how those staples items we all have can be worn in multiple ways to give you new outfits with items you already have, all of which will be easy to find under #shopsavesustain - a new hashtag I'm starting and will be updating with the sustainable brands I find, and ways I rewear old favourite pieces. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on sustainability too, especially any tips and tricks or awesome brands you have found. You can always drop me an email at or message me on Twitter or Instagram at @robyn_lynch on either channel.