I'm not sure about anyone else but for me it feels like June absolutely flew by this year. Summer is my favourite season and I love filling my weeks with as many plans as possible to make the most of this time of year. Unfortunately for me some of those plans had to be cancelled due to my current knee injury however I still managed to get out and about as much as I could. 

Last month saw me flying to Berlin to watch Fleetwood Mac, heading into London multiple times for work meetings and interviews, and to see the Spice Girls at Wembley Arena. It's been a great month, however I am excited for what is looking like a slightly more relaxed July with no real plans set in stone, but instead lots of lists of things to do both work and blog wise instead. 

Here's a little look at my favourite fashion, beauty, travel and music moments from June 2019.


When it comes to music I like to think that while indie guitar based music is my favourite genre, that actually I like a little bit of everything depending on the artist. I think this month's concerts sums this up perfectly with a trip to Berlin to see Fleetwood Mac, and a visit to Wembley Arena to see the Spice Girls. Both classic artists but for very different reasons, it was amazing to see two bands I have loved for as long as I can remember and never thought I would get to see live.
Seeing Fleetwood Mac was iconic, and getting to see them play in an amphitheatre in the middle of a forest in Berlin was such a special experience I don't think you could top it if you tried. Seeing Stevie Nicks perform songs I've listened to since I was a child was just an incredible moment, and I definitely had tears in my eyes when they first walked on stage and went straight into 'The Chain'. 

The Spice Girls on the other hand are another band I have loved for as long as I can remember but for very different reasons. I am so grateful to have been of the perfect age to fall in love with them when they first hit the charts. All of my eight year old dreams came true getting to see them perform live, and I absolutely loved how the crowd was mostly filled with those in their late twenties to early thirties with the addition of their mums or young children. There is also nothing quite like seeing 80,000 do the dance routine for 'Stop' in unison either. 


Another month, another European city! This time I headed back to Berlin for my fourth visit to see Fleetwood Mac as I've mentioned above. We spent just over 48 hours in the city as we were there predominantly for the gig, that's not to say that Berlin isn't a city I absolutely adore though. My previous three visits have all been in winter so it was amazing to see what Berlin is like in the summer too. We spent our time mostly relaxing and eating while there as we'd done a lot of the tourist things already and were quite short on time. I will be doing a travel blog post on my top recommendations for Berlin shortly which you'll be able to find in my travel guides section.  

This month I was really excited to partner with Bodyform on their Viva La Vulva campaign to raise awareness around womens body confidence when it comes to their lady areas. I'm a big believer in working in any way possible toward women feeling happy and confident with their bodies, and while talking about vaginas and vulvas might still be seen as a somewhat taboo subject the more we open up the conversation the less of a controversial issue it will. 

Outfit: Toile De Jouy Dress from Joanie Clothing (gifted), Rattan Bag from Emmeline Store (own brand), Weaved Flatform Trainers from Supergra
Part of summer being my favourite season is the fashion, for example being able to wear dresses without tights, amen. Perhaps it's an age thing, however I feel like my style has changed a lot over the last twelve months and I am leaning more toward well made timeless pieces that can be easily mixed and matched. I've also been exploring away from the fast fashion brands I would have once upon a time shopped at almost exclusively for more sustainable and quality pieces that I will wear for years to come. My love for a little vintage nod still remains however more paired back than it has been previously. 
Since I bought the Supergra trainers pictured above I have been wearing them almost non-stop and think the weaved platform makes them the perfect summer shoe, especially as they also pair so well with my collection of straw bags! They have taken over from my cream Converse as trainer of choice for the moment, however I am really excited by the news that they are releasing a line of completely recycled high tops on 5th July. 
I've also been super excited to be collaborating with Joanie Clothing over the last couple of weeks. I was over the moon when they got in touch as they are a brand I have been admiring for a while now and their ethos and clothing perfectly fits into the aesthetic I have been loving for summer this year. The dress above is their Toile De Jouy dress and is one of the pieces they very kindly sent to me. I could go on all day about the how great the quality of their pieces is, and how spot on the fit is too. I can't wait to show you some more of their items in my upcoming Instagram and blog posts.