When it comes to hair care I have always been very lucky to have thick naturally wavy hair and to have never really suffered with any kind of greasiness or dryness giving me the freedom to pick whichever shampoo and conditioner I think smell the nicest with no worries about what I'm using bar making sure it is cruelty free. That is until I got back to the UK from travelling when my hair and scalp had a complete tantrum turning my tresses into a lifeless, dry yet greasy and itchy dandruff ridden mess. Having never had something like this happen to my hair before I was at a complete loss of how to help my hair recover until Freshly Cosmetics got in touch at the perfect time asking me if I would like to review a couple of their products. 

A skin and hair care brand with sustainability at it's core and a big focus on creating products with natural ingredients they don't use anything that might adversely affect your health. Each of their products contain detoxifying, antioxidant and proactive ingredients to help your body protect itself from both environmental and physiological toxins. Simply put they make skin and hair care products from natural ingredients with no nasties to help you look and feel your best. They are also completely vegan and cruelty free too!

To help calm down my hair stresses I chose the Vibrant Refreshing Shampoo and Detox Anti-Frizz Conditioner which can be bought together as the Haircare Detox Plan for £26.00 which includes a small discount compared to when you buy them separately, you can get also get 15% off when signing up to the Freshly Cosmetics newsletter, double win!

Onto the Vibrant Refreshing Shampoo, it comes in either a 250ml or 500ml option with the smaller version pictured above. I've been using this shampoo for three weeks washing my hair roughly every other day as usual and have noticed a huge difference already. On my first wash the first thing I noticed was the gorgeous grapefruit smell that's oozes out of the bottle, on applying to my hair I noted that due to this shampoo being 99.9% free of chemicals and totally sulphate free I needed to apply more product than with regular shampoos. I did worry that this would mean running out of the shampoo quite quickly, however I am halfway through this bottle in three weeks meaning it should last around six weeks for medium length hair. 

One of the big reasons I picked the Vibrant Refreshing Shampoo was the ingredients included that treat itchy and dandruff prone scalps. After the first wash my scalp was completely soothed, with a noticeable reduction in dandruff with each wash it is now almost completely settled and dandruff free - hurrah! I had been hunting high and low for a cruelty free alternative to Head & Shoulders to fight dandruff with little luck but can safely say my search is now over thanks to Freshly Cosmetics. 

Following up with the Detox Anti-Frizz Repairing Conditioner these two make fora dreamy duo. My hair is naturally wavy which means when it is not so happy it can become quite the frizzy mess. I always let my hair dry naturally as this helps my waves develop and after my first use of this conditioner my hair dried in the nicest waves I've had for as long as I can remember and does so each time I use it. Add a little sea salt spray in the morning and my hair is the so fast and fuss free to style. 

In contrast to the shampoo the conditioner didn't have as much of a scent, however again I did need to use more than I usually would for a 1-3 minute hair mask. Made from coconut, shea butter, roseroot, apple cider vinegar and a couple of other wonder ingredients this conditioner does exactly what it says on the tin to help fight frizz and leave your hair shinier, smoother and stronger making it much easier to style. 

In summary I couldn't recommend Freshly Cosmetics enough for those looking for natural, sustainable, cruelty free skin and haircare products that work. While they come with a more premium price tag than I would usually consider you are certainly paying for quality products that have helped to tame my stressed out tresses so much I will be repurchasing once the bottles I have are empty. I'm really keen to also try out their skincare range and am so happy to have found a brand that offer a no nonsense approach to cosmetics that are a joy to use.