When it comes to make up I am certainly no expert and stick to a simple routine I have honed over the past fifteen years of wearing make up, occasionally swapping up the products I am using when something new catches my eye. I wear the same make up nearly every day and adding a cat-flick of liquid eyeliner and maybe some smokier eyeshadow is what I consider going all out. That said I do really love make up, and love finding something new to use and recommending it to my friends, and now you.

Since the beginning of last year I have made a very conscious effort to only buy cruelty free make up, the reason is quite simple - why buy something an animal has suffered for you to have when you could buy something else that is cruelty free? In the past I think it has been hard to find out exactly what brands are cruelty free and to have access to good quality and value cruelty free make up easily. Or so that was my perception until I went through my make up bag and googled if each of the brands in it were cruelty free, if they weren't I simply swapped out the product for one that was when the product I had ran out as lets face it, there is no point wasting something totally usable. Over the past few years veganism has soared in popularity (yay) and with that cosmetics brands have stepped it up with making their products cruelty free to the point that you can now walk into any Superdrug or Boots and get a whole make up bag and bathroom cabinet of goodies that are both cruelty free and purse friendly. 

There is a little bit of confusion over how you define cruelty free. Products that are certified have the leaping bunny certification, however there are plenty of others that aren't certified but are still cruelty free and this information will likely be on the packaging. The confusion comes in when bigger cosmetics brands who do test on animals own smaller companies who don't, and that is really a judgement call only you can make. While you could say that by buying the smaller companies who don't test on animals product you are showing the company that owns them you support cruelty free, you are ultimately still contributing to their sales. An example of this is NYX, who while they don't test their products on animals their parent company L'Oreal do. If you're wanting to start buying cruelty free the best thing to do is just google "is brand name cruelty free" and you'll soon know. It's also good to keep in mind that any company that sells in China has to test on animals by law and that just because something is labelled as vegan doesn't mean it is cruelty free. A perfect example of this is Garnier who have a range of 'vegan' hair products as they don't contain animal products such as honey or milk, however they do test on animals and it winds me up every time I see it advertised. 


Moving on to make up! I always look for a full coverage foundation that can be built up depending on how good or bad my skin is on any particular day and am currently using the MUA Pro Base which is perfect for this and really stays put on my face throughout the day. For concealer I have used Collection's Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear for years and it is so good at covering dark under eye bags and blemishes I don't think I'll ever try something new. Another new addition to my face make up is Collection's Highlighter Drops which are very subtle but also very shiny and give a lovely glow for days I don't want to wear blusher.

MUA Pro Base Foundation: £5.00
Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer: £4.19
Collection Gorgeous Glow Highlighter Drops: £5.99

Other products I have used in the past and loved are:

B. Flawless Silk Foundation: £4.99

Topshop Glow Liquid Highlighter: £15.00


When it comes to my eyes my routine is almost as old as time itself. Ok that may be a slight over-exaggeration but I do the same thing every day and very rarely mix it up. For eyeshadow I usually buy a metallic neutral toned palette, putting the palest and goldest tone on the inside of eye and under my brow, with a pinky brown tone on the lid itself, and sometimes a brown tone on the lid too if I want it a little smoker. When it comes to my eyebrows I like to use a pomade but really struggle to find ones that are jet black and not brown. If you have this issue too then Sleek do a great one however it's quite hard to get hold of! Mascara wise I am currently trying out this Milani one which is really great for an every day lash, and of course am obsessed with the star print packaging. It works well with either a thin coating, or layered up for more dramatic lashes.

Make Up Revolution Palette: £4.00
Milani Volume Mascara: £13.00
Make Up Revolution Eyebrow Pomade: £5.00

Other products I have used in the past and loved are:




Setting Spray and Powder

After many years of wondering why my make up is constantly sliding around my face I was finally introduced into the world of setting sprays and powders and nothing has been quite the same since. Both the products currently in my kit are from Superdrug's B. range and have been re-purchased by me multiple times because they just work and as they say if it ain't broke don't fix it. The setting spray I always spritz on after my face make up is done but before mascara to avoid any smudges, while the setting powder I keep in my hand bag and apply throughout the day whenever I feel a little bit shiny. 

B. Cosmetics Setting Spray: £6.99
B Cosmetics Setting Powder: £7.99

All the products mentioned in this blog post are cruelty free, as are all cosmetics products you will see anywhere on my blog.