When life gives you lemons put them on everything possible. Or thats how it seems this summer with lemon print appearing on everything from dresses, slogan t-shirts and accessories through to homeware! Personally I am loving the opportunity to zest up my wardrobe from typical floral prints to something a little fruitier (ok, enough puns now).

I've pulled together some of my favourite lemon print pieces from the high street to share with you, simply click on the link correlating to the number next to the piece below to be taken through to shop. My favourite pieces are the BooHoo t-shirt, H&M dress, Warehouse bag and Skinny Dip make up bag!

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1/ H&M Jersey Dress
2/ BooHoo Lemonade T-Shirt 
3/ H&M Flounced Dress
4/ Moss Copenhagen Midi Skirt
5/ Neon Rose Midi Dress
6/ ASOS Design Lemon Dress
7/ Chelsea Peers Pyjama Set
8/ H&M Cotton Dress
9/ H&M Strappy Playsuit
10/ Monki Underwear Set
11/ H&M V-Neck Blouse
12/ ASOS Mini Dress

Accessories & Homeware

1/ Warehouse Straw Bucket Bag
2/ South Beach Earrings
3/ Skinny Dip Make Up Bag
4/ Urban Outfitters Glass Water Bottle
5/ Urban Outfitters Bath Mat
6/ Zara Lemon Duvet Covers
7/ Desenio Lemon Print
8/ Sass and Belle Salt and Pepper Shakers