May was quite a big month for me, filled to the rafters with plans, events and so many positive things that it flew by in absolute blur. If I had the choice this is how all my months would be, seeing my closest friends while doing lots of fun things and adventuring to plenty of new places while doing so. 

It was also my first full month of working freelance which so far I have been really enjoying, the flexibility of it really works with my personality and approach to work. Some days I struggle to do anything except what really has to be done, and other days I am so engaged and motivated I will work from 9am in the morning to 9pm at night happily and effectively. 

It was also the month I turned 30, and as such there were many celebrations around both my 30th birthday and that of two of my best friends...

In May I was super lucky to visit both Brighton and Amsterdam to celebrate the 30th birthday's of two of my closest friends. In the true style of our friendship group we went to both cities to attend a gig at the same time, seeing both Catfish and the Bottlemen and Foals while there. I absolutely love going to new places, or in the cases of Brighton and Amsterdam, revisiting places I have been to before and know I already love to check out what else is new and visit old favourite haunts. 

I wrote travel posts on my time in both Brighton and Amsterdam which you can read for some further details on each. 

Music & Film

As I mentioned before I was lucky enough to see both Catfish and the Bottlemen and Foals live in June, both bands I have seen before who have an incredible energy live. Foals in particular have been a favourite band of mine for as long as I can remember, their debut album came out in 2008 and in the eleven years since I have seen them live more times than I can remember. However seeing them on my best friends 30th Birthday in Amsterdam after a five year gap from the last time I managed to get a ticket to one of their gigs was really special and a set I won't forget for a long time. 

As you might have guessed music is one of my most favourite things, so you can imagine how happy I have been with the recent influx in biopics hitting the cinema and couldn't resist seeing Rocketman as soon as possible when it was released. Without sounding like *that* person, Elton John is one of the few remaining artists on my list of people I desperately want to see live and this was only reinforced by Rocketman. As many have said it is a little more like a musical than I was expecting, however I think this only added to the fun and reflection of Elton John as a performer and very much enjoyed the film. 

Turning 30

Ahh the classic nervous breakdown inducing milestone of your average millennial. This year a lot of my best friends turned 30 and so did I on the 30th May, I wrote a blog post about 30 things I've learnt at 30 which you can read via the link. On reflection now my birthday been and gone I don't really feel any different. I still get ID'd every time a situation might call for it, I am still just as silly and care-free, however I do feel a bit more sassy and 'mature' whenever I have to write my age down. 

To celebrate both mine and my friend Kim's birthday we rented the most incredible converted barn in Peterborough in the middle of nowhere and invited all our best friends to spend the weekend with us and celebrate. With our group of friends living everywhere from Dorset, Kent, Hampshire, London and Amsterdam it is always such a special occasion when we get everyone in one place. I had a heart warningly wonderful time with the ladies in life who mean the most to me. 


Almost Famous. The Boat that Rocked. Nowhere Boy. Rocketman. Walk the Line. Bohemian Rhapsody. What do all these films have in common apart from being my all time favourites? They are all either about select musicians or the music industry during the 1960-80s. When I saw Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid sitting in Waterstones one day I was intrigued and then upon reading the back cover I bought it instantly. The story of an imaginary band (Daisy Jones & The Six) set in the 1970s with a lead female vocalist (yass queen), their rise to fame and their demise, I was bound to fall in love instantly. "Making music is never just about the music. And sometimes it can be hard to tell where the sound stops and the feelings begin".