My first full month back in England since returning from travelling and it sure has been action packed! In an effort to document a little of my day to day life and of course share it with you lovely readers I am going to be creating a monthly blog post with my favourite things I've seen, done, worn, read and listened to during the previous four weeks which might not have otherwise been featured on my blog. 

This month saw me take several trips to London for gigs, exhibitions and seeing friends, as well as finding myself a part time job and settling back into life here in the UK. It's felt like a month of fresh beginnings and new opportunities, which is of course very fitting for the start of Spring. I've loved being back at home, having some of my creature comforts back and catching up with my friends and family too. 


Being home meant being reunited with some of my favourite cruelty free products, as well as purchasing a couple of new releases I'd had my eye on while away too. First up is two of the new products from Glossier, their Balm Dot Com in mango flavour and Milky Oil Waterproof Make Up Remover which I have reviewed here. Both products are still very much a part of my daily routine, with the mango Balm Dot Com still being an absolute favourite that comes with me everywhere.

Being away for four months inevitably meant that the make up I took with me ran out part of the way through my trip and had to be replaced, including my foundation, finishing powder and setting spray. Since I swapped all my make up over to being cruelty free at the start of 2018 I have been a huge fan of Superdrug's own brand make up and beauty range, not only is it not tested on animals, it is super affordable and really chuffing good. I repurchased the Setting Powder, Setting Spray and Flawless Matte Foundation within my first week of being home as I had missed them so much!


When I last lived in London around six years ago I used to go to museums regularly and have really missed the feeling of pottering around for a few hours and learning something new, so when I saw that the V&A had an exhibition about the fashion designer Mary Quant I just knew I had to check out! A prolific designer from the 1960's, Quant's designs were outrageous for their time and sparked a high street revolution, fast forward to 2019 and they are now iconic. Her ethos was to make clothing available to the masses with the exhibition boasts over 200 garments and accessories, many of which I would have loved to take home to add to my own wardrobe. The exhibition is £12.00 entry and on until Feb 2020. 


One of the great loves of my life is music, and as such I could talk about different bands for hours given half a chance. I'll spare you that ear bending though and just share with you the three artists I have been loving the most in April, they are *drum roll* Gang of Youths, Catfish and the Bottlemen and Tom Grennan. 

A mixture of bands, lets start with Gang of Youths who I went to see in London a few weeks ago. A relatively new band to my Spotify rotation, I first started listening to them last summer and have quite simply been obsessed ever since. It might be in part due to frontman Dave Le'aupepe's incredible on stage dancing, but most likely due to their approach to topics such as depression, anxiety and positivity in the face of life altering events. Play: Let Me Down Easy, The Heart is a Muscle, What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out.

Next up is Catfish and the Bottlemen who have had me dancing around my room and foot tapping on trains for a few years now. Having just dropped their third album The Balance with another rally of jangly indie guitar fun I am super made up the boys are back and can't wait to catch them in Brighton in early May. 
Play: Fallout, Longshot, Kathleen

A little on the quieter side than the rest of this months music suggestions is Tom Grennan. With the most gorgeous gravely voice and a wonderful way with words, Tom Grennan released his first album last year and has since been on the up and up ever since. Think upbeat dance guitar tunes with a mellow twist. 
Play: Found What I've Been Looking For, Barbed Wire, Little By Little Love. 

Food & Going Out

Everyone's favourite time of day, including mine - food time! One thing I really love is discovering new places online to eat at and then checking them out in real life, especially vegetarian and vegan speciality restaurants. I'm not sure about my other plant eating friends out there, but there is nothing worse than going out for food and being stuck with a sorry excuse for a veggie burger and some half par fries because it was the only thing on the menu you could eat. This month I made two new discoveries, both excellent, affordable and vegan to boot. 

Halo Burger

POP Brixton, 49 Station Road, Brixton, London, SW9 9PQ

Temple of Seitan

10a Camley Street, London, N1C 4PF
10 Morning Lane, London, E9 6NA

Emmeline Store

While in Bali I fell in love with the rattan basket bags and shell jewellery I found and brought some back home to open up a little online shop. So far it has been going really well and has had a great reaction, I've loved everything about working on it from taking photographs for the website and social media, packaging up orders to deciding on a logo and listing the items online. It's a work in progress and everything is a learning curve, however every time someone makes a purchase it makes me smile just to know they loved the items as much as I do. You can check it out here.  

TV & Film

There was only ever really going to be one thing here wasn't there, yup you guessed it - my most loved program this month has been Game of Thrones. I won't go on too much about it because if you watch it you know all about it, and lets be honest even if you don't you probably do too thanks to social media. I'll just say that I can't remember any other series I have ever been so invested in over such a length of time, whose characters I have adored, hated, cheered for and even laughed or cried for. My love for this show is very real and I will be ever so lost when it all wraps up in a few weeks.

R x