Items gifted by Skinny Tan 
Up until very recently I have always been reflectively pale, or if you're being nice about it an 'English Rose'. That was until last summer when I finally braved the tanning aisle of Superdrug and had my first foray into the world of fake tan. That's right, it took me until I was in my late twenties to pick up a bottle of fake tan. Why? Well the simple fact is I was terrified of doing it wrong, convinced I'm 'not that much of a girly girl' and that I didn't really care, turns out I do. 
While I was in Bali I picked up what was, if I might say so myself, quite an incredible tan, especially for someone who is a self confessed ghost 90% of the time. I have been back in the UK a month now and that tan I loved so much is starting to fade (see above), so when Skinny Tan asked me if I wanted to try out their Pro Tan Moisture Mousse, Exfoliating Mitt and Dual Tanning Mitt, I pretty much jumped at the offer. 

Starting the night before I'm going to tan I use the light side of the Skinny Tan Exfoliating Mitt all over my body to get rid of any skin cells to create a smooth and polished surface to apply tan to, paying particular attention to my knees, ankles and elbows as the tan can cling to them and create an unwanted patchy effect. If you're going to go all out you could apply a pre-tan primer however I've never done it.

The dark side of the mitt is there just incase any accidents occur and some of your tan needs to be removed. I once got tan all over my forearms while tanning my legs as I am just that clumsy, and having something nearly to pick up and rub it off with was a lifesaver.

Using the Dual Tanning Mitt and Skinny Tan Pro Tan Moisture Mousse it's time to get down to business! Give the bottle a little shake, assume your granny pants and pyjama t-shirt stance infront of the mirror (just me?) and squirt an orange sized amount of tan onto your mitt. I like to start at the ankles and work my way up when doing my legs, using an amount about half the size when doing my feet, ankles and knees. Unlike other tan products I have tired, Skinny Tan comes with direct instructions on how long to leave it on for depending on what colour tan you would like:
Up to 60 minutes = Light glow
Up to 3 hours = Medium tan 
6 hours upward (overnight) = Dark tan
The rest, well see for yourself...

Here I left the tan on for just under three hours and am seriously happy with the results. My tan is even, golden and most importantly streak free! I always worry about patches and streaks when I fake tan, that voice in my head I mentioned earlier tells me it's a hard thing to get right, but really it couldn't have been simpler. 

As with any beauty product I feature on The Robyn Diaries, Skinny Tan is both vegan and cruelty free, and what's more is currently on a buy 1 get 1 half price offer at Superdrug, hurrah! 

R x