So, what next? Ahh the ever burning question when you return back home from travelling. The one that rang around my head for a good few weeks while I was away and my flight home was edging ever closer. Everyone expected me to have a plan, but the path I really wanted to follow seemed so far fetched even I struggled at first to believe I could do it. 

If you asked most people what they wanted to do for the rest of their life if money were no issue they'd probably answer with something along the lines of a job that they enjoy. One of the reasons I went travelling was to escape the routine of 9-5 Monday to Friday, so why would I come back to launch myself back into one of the things I flew to the other side of the world to escape?

Floral Wrap Top, Mom Jeans, Sling Back Shoes, Cat Eye Sunglasses: Primark / Rattan Bag + Gold Shell Necklace: Emmeline Store 

The answer if I had of taken that path would be fear. Fear of the unknown, what could go wrong, and fear of failure. But what if I really gave it a try, really made a go of it and put the worries running through my head to one side and realised I pretty much had nothing to loose? No job to return to, no fixed address and all my personal belongings apart from the ones I took travelling with me in storage in London. 

I have a vision of me working at a little desk in my own little house on projects I am solely responsible for. A home that is all mine with a little sausage dog I can take out for walks when I need to have a little think, or want to pop to the shop for some essentials. It is a simple dream, but is the one thing I have wanted for years, independence, responsibility and to have flexibility in my work. 

So here I am, working toward that eventual goal from my old bedroom at my parents house, somewhere I never thought I would be as I approached 30. With that in mind I start a part time retail job on Monday which I hope will give me the flexibility and financial security to pursue a couple of the things I really love. The first is this blog, I love to write and share, and since restarting it I have found the means to express myself creatively again. The second is to act on one of the many ideas I've had over the years of what could work for a little online shop, and so I launched Emmeline Store a week ago with some pieces I found and loved in Bali. 

Both are at their very beginnings, and I don't really have a plan how working on them could lead to something I do full time but at the moment I am enjoying exploring the possibility of something new that I really love to do. As with everything in life if you never try something out you will never know what could have been. 

I recognise that once again I find myself in a unique and very lucky position where I am able to give these things a go and it is one I don't want to take for granted. While I have no clear plan of how to achieve my goals I am so excited to start working on all the ideas I have to make them happen. I've found that sometimes the best things in life just sort of fall into place when they are meant to be, and for now I will put my faith into that. 
It is my hope you will like where I plan to take this blog next, and as ever thank you so much for reading. 

R x