For those who aren't familiar with Glossier, they are the American cruelty free skincare and make up brand that sent British girls up and down the country into a beauty induced euphoria when they announced shipping to the UK in October 2017. Since that fateful day, they now ship to a number of countries outside of the US on their way to global domination, making everyones wishes including mine come true. 
Many parcels later I am one of those girls who could rabbit on all day about how much they love the brand. In that time I have become somewhat of a self confessed Glossier expert, and still let out a little squeal of excitement every time they announce a new product. Enter their latest offering, the Milky Oil Waterproof Makeup Remover. 

Sister to the Milky Jelly Cleanser, but this time with waterproof mascara removing abilities, the make up remover comes in a convenient 100ml bottle (hello hand luggage) that once again delights my obsession for great packaging. At £10 a bottle it would be easy to disregard it as a case of style over substance, however I am here to tell you that's not the case. We all know we should be ditching the make up wipes for good in a pledge not only to help our environment but our skin too, and I hope this Glossier Milky Oil review proves to you that this product is the answer. 
Simply shake the bottle and then squeeze a few dabs onto either a cotton pad or muslin cloth (extra environmental hero points) and wipe over the areas of make up you wish to remove. I wear Urban Decay Perversion Mascara every day, and it can be an absolute pain to get off at the end of the day, however since using the Milky Oil make up remover I have found it glides off in just a few rubs, along with the rest of my make up. My skin is left feeling fresh and product free, occasionally I follow up with a swipe of Milky Jelly Cleanser, however it has been left somewhat redundant on my make up shelf since this little baby came along. 

While your here I also wanted to mention two other Glossier products I have been using daily for the last year and a half since my first ever Glossier box arrived with them in, Balm Dot Com and the Super Pure Serum. 

Where to begin with Balm Dot Com? My love for this product is easy to sum up in one simple statement; since I bought my first tube I haven't used another lip balm product since. Yup. At £10 a tube it is a little on the pricey side, however the only tube I have ever finished lasted well over a year of multiple daily applications, and plenty of "oh my god you have to try this" sharing whenever around friends too. It leaves my lips feeling soft and hydrated, without that horrible drying out feeling when it wears off I have had with other lip balms in the past. Now on my third flavour, the new Mango Balm Dot Com smells like summer in a tube and I often find myself opening it just to have a sniff (I'm not weird I promise). In the past I have also had both the Cherry and Rose balms too, and would mention that while they are advertised to leave a little colour on your lip both the paler options (Mango & Rose) didn't change my lip colour at all, while the Cherry which is a very deep red, leaves only the slightest of colour. 

Another hero product in my beauty arsenal is the Glossier Super Pure Serum. Aimed at people just like me who suffer from blemish prone skin, it contains Vitamin B3 which acts to cool down red breakouts and Zinc PCA to help clear out blemishes. In simple terms it cools down angry skin and helps to keep the zen party going with daily use. Priced at £24 a bottle for 15ml it is very much on the pricey side, however take into account you need just 3-4 droplets from the bottle a day, and the fact that my first bottle lasted a year before I immediately repurchased another as it ran out, it is something I couldn't do without. 

You can shop Glossier with 10% off here, with free shipping on orders over £30 too!