Like a lot of people, when I was growing up I had this idea that by my late twenties I would have my shit together. I would know what I’m doing, be fully in control and heading in the right direction to meet my goals with a carefully laid plan of how to get there. Now that I am apparently a certified adult I realise that things are a little different.

It’s all too easy to look at other people’s lives and think they have it all figured out; a new car, a promotion, starting their own business. I often wonder how they do it? Why are they so in control and with a faultless plan to a path of success? It’s easy to forget that what you see of other people’s success is the trophy at the end of it, not the countless hours spent working, numerous sacrifices or bumps in the road required to get there. It is never as easy as it is made to seem, an illusion it is all too easy to fall for in a world of social media highlight reels.

The secret to this success is that there is no secret at all, and what they don’t tell you about being an adult is that really nobody has a clue what they are doing. I don’t mean that nobody has a plan, more that sometimes life has it’s own ideas and can direct you away from where you want to be, or sometimes things take a lot longer than you first thought to achieve.

Dress & Sunglasses - Bali Market's / Belt - Primark 

 This is no bad thing, I have found that life has a funny way of steering you in the direction that is right for you, no matter how heartbreaking and like you are drifting away from your goals it might seem at the time. For example; I originally wanted to go into journalism, however despite years of writing for free both during and after University I never even got a sniff of a paid gig, let alone a full time job. Now I work in PR & Influencer Outreach which is occasionally met with an impressed reaction when I tell somebody new what I do for a living. Apparently it sounds cool from the outside, but the reality of how I got into my own career is totally different and not the original plan. I am now so grateful things didn’t work out how I once wanted them too, my job can be extremely fun and creative, sometimes not feeling like a job at all. On other days it can be meetings after meetings, problem solving and an exploding inbox, but nonetheless I love working in such a new and rapidly changing industry.

Often times I find the easiest way to get through life is to go with the flow and see where it takes you. I have found that you never know what is around the corner for both good or bad, and that life has this funny little way of working out in the end even if it seems like an endless maze sometimes. 

Being an adult comes with a lot of choices that can be hard to navigate, often we compare one to the other and find it hard to decide which route to take in fear of making the wrong decision. However it also comes with a lot of perks, like having ice cream for breakfast, spending all weekend holed up in bed watching Netflix or staying out dancing to 4am on a weeknight if you want to. It’s these things, and the lessons learnt and memories made along the way, that are really the important things about being an adult, not the tick list of successes at the end of it all.

While what they don’t tell you about being an adult is that while it can sometimes be utterly confusing, it also comes with a lot of perks and one hell of a story to tell.

Photos taken at Le Pirate, Gili Trawangan, Indonesia.