When I was planning my trip to Australia, booking onto Uncle Brian's Rainforest Tour was something I had considered but for some reason didn't commit to. It wasn't until I was already in Cairns and a friend I made at the hostel I was staying in asked me if I wanted to take the last two spaces on our only free day that week did I buy a ticket, and I am seriously glad I did. 

We went for the one day option, and were greeted at 8am outside our hostel by our guide for the day Sid. Not just a guide, Sid became the official photographer for our trip, stand up comedian and all round great guy. We also met some some equally hilarious people on the bus, and we all got along so much we went out that evening for drinks and I have bumped into some of the guys several times since along the East Coast and stopped for a chat each time. 

Stopping first of all at Babinda Boulders, Sid walked us through the rainforest and shared with us some facts about the plants that grow there and some of the wildlife in the forest. We stopped at our first pool for the day which was absolutely beautiful and went for a swim. I stupidly left my very battered but much loved Converse here, however luckily my over packing ways meant I had a pair of sandals in my backpack to see me through the rest of the day.

Our next stop was Josephine Falls, where you could slide down the rock face into the water below which was great fun. We also explored up the back of the water pool and took plenty of pictures. After this we stopped for lunch (with a vegetarian option that looked better than the meat version) and had a beer before drying off for the second half of the day. 

Our third stop was Milla Milla Falls which I will have to be honest we were all a little disappointed with. Due to the lack of rain at this point the waterfall didn't look nearly as impressive as it does on the photos we had seen prior to the tour. However we did all learn how to do a 'Herbal Essences hair flip' which was hilarious to try and pull off when you have shoulder length hair. 

Moving onto our last stop of the day, Lake Eacham, we spotted turtles on the bank of the lake and tried to spot Dave, the friendly local salt water crocodile. The rumour is he used to be somebodies pet before he got too big and was released into the lake. Like most we didn't spot him and I'm still sceptical on whether or not a crocodile would be allowed to live in a lake humans regularly visit but who knows. After we'd all had enough of diving into the water and swimming around we had hot chocolates and biscuits on the shore before driving back to Cairns. 

If like me you are on the fence about booking Uncle Brian's Rainforest Tour my advice would definitely be to do it. Not only do you get to learn about the wildlife and nature around you, the guides make it super fun and everyone else I have spoken to about it  since has raved about how much fun they had. 

For a closer glimpse you can watch some footage in my travel vlog below: