Before I got my waist length hair cut to above my shoulders I naturally sort the approval and opinions of my peers. Months were spent saving images to a folder on my phone, picturing it in mirrors and wondering what I would look like without a blanket of hair swooping ahead of me everywhere I went.

One of the responses I got on multiple occasions was “oh but your thick mermaid hair” with a tone of wistfulness. I’m lucky, I know, to have a head of hair that grows as fast and thick as weeds. The thing most people miss that comes with this, and the combined joy of it being naturally almost black against very pale skin, is that it’s not just the hair on my head that comes thick and fast. Yes ladies, we’re talking body hair. Anywhere our more fair headed friends have barely noticeable blonde flecks, my apparently much sought after dark and thick locks make an appearance, and I know I’m not the only one.

Around that age the most popular girl in school first flaunted her shiny smooth pins I picked up a razor and shaved my legs. Sometime later arm hair followed, and then hands, and then fingers. Yup. Much to my mothers horror that got shaved one evening in the bath too. It was dark, and there was lots of it, and all the other girls at school didn’t have it! I must be some sort of fuzzy freak. 

Eventually it grew back, and I spent years hating my arms, hands and fingers and covering them under pulled over long sleeves at any opportunity. One day I eventually became more comfortable with the hair on my arms, and then the little bits around my wrists on the back of my hands, but still to this day if I spot a missed hair on my fingers I will spend all day feeling self conscious about it despite knowing nobody will really see it.

I’ve got a unibrow that unless tamed would put Frida Kahlo to shame, a snail trail that would make a yeti proud, chin hairs that wouldn’t look out of place on Patty and Selma Simpson, and absolutely no shame in admitting it anymore. I have dark, thick hair, and pale skin that shows it up wherever it might be on my body and that’s ok. Those are the words I wished somebody told me when I was at school and horrified when I realised I’d missed a patch on the back of my knees. Again.

I’m not about to swear off ever buying a razor and shaving again. As I get older I have noticed that the situation has become worse and requires more attention, however I’m trying to go easy on myself each and every time I realise I might have left it a little too long since last doing the full body check. And if like me you suffer from this very natural affliction then let me just tell you it’s ok, you are not the only one, and it doesn’t make you weird. Boys will fancy you, people don’t really notice, and the only person who will ever care about it to any extend is you, so go easy on yourself.

Here’s to all my thick haired sisters and all of our unwanted hairs, may we feel a little less alone in our battle against the fuzz.

R x