Hello, I thought for a long time about how to open this very first blog post without sound like I am writing yet another mechanically formal work email however nothing seemed to hit the mark. My intention was to write something that instead gave the feeling of a hug from an old friend, so here I am, arms flung wide open with joy that you’re here reading this.

 Welcome to my blog, and for the few of you who might remember The Robyn Diaries from the first time around nearly a decade ago, welcome back! In short I am a twenty nine year old woman from a little town in Hampshire who has lived in Manchester and worked in PR & Influencer Outreach for the past five years.

I quite often sum myself up with the field I work in or occasionally my job title, something I think all of us are guilty of. It is also one of the many reasons behind my decision to start writing again and of trying to get back into this wonderful thing we call blogging.

Over the past eighteen months or so a series of events happened in my life that if I had of let it, would of consumed my spirit and spat me out. We’re talking losing jobs, finding out what the words stress and anxiety really mean, the passing of two grandparents, my first long term relationship ending and finding out my oldest friend has cancer. All in the space of twelve months. I don’t tell you this because I am after sympathy but more to give something that hopefully resembles context. All of these events led to me asking some pretty big questions of myself; who am I apart from what I do to earn a living, what do I want from life, do I want to get married or have children, what makes me happy, what do I stand for, where do I see my career going, the list goes on.

Some of these questions I have answers for now I have given myself permission to be brutally honest, and some of them still need answering. Enter The Robyn Diaries! At the start of 2018 I felt like I had lost track of what made me Robyn, I did not feel any passion toward the two things that have been a big part of how I define myself since I entered my teens; fashion and music. A few months later when my relationship ended I again began to ask myself what made me happy, what was I so passionate about I could chat a strangers ear off for hours? Well, we’re about to find out.

The Robyn Diaries will be a place for me to document my life, but to also share and explore the things that make me who I am and ultimately make me happy. Expect fashion posts, playlists and recently read books, snippets of places I have travelled to and think pieces on various topics, recipes and new cruelty free beauty finds. I’m sure there will be much more too.

 Most excitingly I am about to begin a three month trip to Australia, New Zealand and Bali. I will documenting this trip on my blog, as well as YouTube! You can watch my first video, with more detail about what has been happening in my life lately below:

I hope you’ll join me on this adventure,

Robyn x